FuelTech Boost Controller 2 $799 (Multi-Stage & 2 Solenoids)


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The 6 stage dual ramp BoostController. FuelTech’s BoostController is a multi-stage equipment which precisely manages up to 6 stages of boost and an extra launch stage, allowing the efficient and precise traction control for cars and motorbikes. It works controlling the top end waste gate pressure an it’s possible to determine a dual ramp turbo pressure growth to set a smoothly turbo load at shifting, turning the engine’s power generation ideal for the traction levels. To work with high boost levels in racing applications, the Boost Controller is able to work together with a CO2 reservoir, keeping the appropriate pressure and traction controls. Functions: – Waste gate’s Top End Boost Controller – 6 Stages of Boost and 1 Launch Stage – Sequential and Circuit Modes – Boost+ and Boost- keys to instantly boost increase or decrease – Dual Ramp Boost Growth Control per Stage – Dual Pressure Control Solenoids Switch – Waste gate Boost Control by pressurization or by CO2 reservoir for quick and precise response – 87psi Integrated Pressure Sensor with 0.145psi resolution – No computer required for operation – INCLUDES Solenoids Dimension: 4.72′ in x 3.14’in x 1.18’in


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