Fuel Tech FT350 EFI Stand Alone w/ Harness $999


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Fully Programmable ECU
For rotary and piston engines
4,3″ touchscreen display

FuelTech CAN to USB Converter compatible: firmware update, settings backup, ECU configuration, tuning and more!

– Rotary and piston engine compatible (2 rotors, 1 to 12cyl)
– 4.3” color touchscreen TFT
– Full fuel injection control
– Distributor type and crank trigger ignition control
– 5 ignition outputs to control wasted spark or coil on plug systems
– 7 input channels
– 13 output channels
– CAN communication with FuelTech products
– 19 Channel Internal datalogger
– Idle speed control by timing

Maximum RPM: 16000rpm
Built-in MAP sensor for naturally aspirated or blown engines (6bar – 87psi)
1 to 12 cylinders engine management
Real Time programmableSensors Input:

  • Engine coolant temperature (oil or water)
  • Intake air temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • O2 Sensor (narrow or wide band)

Configurable Auxiliary Outputs:

  • Progressive Nitrous Injection with fuel and ignition compensation (activated by TPS)
  • Electronic boost control through 3 way PWM solenoid valve (activated by RPM and TPS)
  • Fuel pump control
  • Variable camshaft control (VTEC)
  • Thermatic fan control by coolant temperature
  • External shift light control

Ignition Control:

  • Compatible with hall effect distributor or crank trigger wheels: 60-2, 36-1, 12-1, 3, 4 or 8 tooth wheels and more.
  • Distributor, wasted spark coils or coil on plug
  • 5 ignition outputs
  • Hall or magnetic trigger input
  • Time Based Rev Limiter
  • Two-Step rev limiter with timing retard and fuel enrichment
  • Ignition and/or Fuel Rev Limiter
  • Ignition Coil Dwell time control
  • Ignition outputs to MSD, FuelTech SparkPRO, Integrated HEI Coils and built-in ignitor coils

Fuel Injection Control:

  • Normally aspirated engines by TPS, MAP+TPS or MAP only
  • Turbocharged, supercharged or blown engines
  • Up to 2 injectors banks with individual fuel tables
  • Up to 12 high impedance injectors or unlimited with FuelTech Peak and Hold Driver

Advanced Idle Speed control:

  • Idle speed control by timing

Complete and easy tuning:

  • Overall trim function for Fuel Maps (individual by bank) and Ignition Maps
  • Interpolated Ignition Maps per RPM, with individual compensation maps: vacuum, boost, TPS, intake air temperature and coolant temperature.
  • Interpolated Fuel Injection Maps per TPS or MAP, with compensation maps by: RPM, intake air temperature, coolant temperature and battery voltage.
  • Anti-Lag Systems
  • Deceleration Fuel cut-off


  • User and tuner protection password
  • Check Control Warnings: exceeded boost pressure, RPM, coolant temperature, fuel injectors opening %, oil pressure, fuel pressure.


  • Adjustable Display brightness
  • Up to 5 memories to save different maps adjustments
  • Complete TFT Dashboard with real time ECU information
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