S-Max Oil Catch Can $99

$_5788 $_571 $_572 $_5733 $_5777 $_57

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The S-Max Catch Can provides engines with efficient crankcase breathing, while eliminating excessive intake oiling and the potential detonation associated with it while prolonging engine life and increasing performance.

It is constructed with extruded aluminum, billet end caps and works with most air filters. The S-Max cylinder shaped Catch Can feature a proprietary baffling system and a 360 degree rotating mounting bracket for an easy installation!

The Catch Can is easy to clean, empty and maintain. S-Max Oil Catch Cans are a must in any competition vehicle due to track regulations.

Bottom opening (1) is a -8 ORB and side openings (2) are a -10 ORB

*Does NOT include any fittings

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