FuelTech FT500LITE EFI w/ Harness $1399


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– Rotary and piston engine compatible (2, 3 and 4 rotors, 1 to 12cyl)
– Distributor type and crank trigger ignition control
– Idle speed control by step motor, timing, electronic throttle or solenoid valve
– Features and maps developed to improve the engine control on several applications, providing better driveability and comfort. Example: prime pulse, after start enrichment, TPS or MAP compensations, idle controls integration, voltage compensation per bank, idle by TPS table, deceleracion fuel control
– Electronic throttle control (Drive-by-wire)
– 13 input channels: 2 fixed channels (RPM and cam sensor) and 11 fully configurable (IAT, ECT, oil and fuel pressure, O2 sensor, TPS, electronic pedal – 2 channels, electronic throttle, A/C, two-step, exhaust backpressure, suspension travel sensor, exhaust gas temperature (requires FuelTech ETM-1), fuel tank level, etc.)
– Differential input for RPM sensor
– Up to 8 injectors output that control up to 32 saturated injectors. If needed, it’s possible to setup up to 20 injector outputs using a FuelTech Peak and Hold driver
– Up to 20 auxiliary outputs (fuel pump, fan, variable camshaft, A/C, etc.)
– Built-in MAP Sensor (7 bar / 103 psi – absolute)
– 5 internal memory files
– Boost control by RPM through N75 valve
– Progressive nitrous injection (wet/dry)
– Password protection
– Plug and Play connection to FuelTech Racepak IQ3 Dashboard using integrated CAN port
– Engine protection by knock signal using FuelTech KnockMeter (sold separately)
– Active traction control using FuelTech GearController (sold separately)
– Map backups on PC
– Firmware update over the internet
– Engine protection through configurable alerts
– Time based rev limiter
– Dimensions: 141mm x 82mm x 33mm / 5.51” x 3.22” x 1.29”
– Weight: 150g

– See more at: http://www.fueltech.net/ft500lite-efi-w-o-harness-prod-182.html#sthash.oH3RC75U.dpuf

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