Our Labor Rate is $80 a Hour

(OEM Maintenance, Engine Replacement, Wiring, Aftermarket Part Installation, & Welding)

We also specialize in Motor Swaps

Motor Swaps start at $600

*Old motor removed and new motor installed
* Basic wire harness service
* Fluids (coolant, motor oil, gear oil, & power steering fluid)
* Oil filter, spark plugs, belts, vacuum lines
* Engine bay wash

Additional services call for price

* Advanced wire harness service
* Heater hose conversions
* Full Electronic diagnostic and Code services
* Cap and rotor or coils installed (w/ Timing adjust)
* Aftermarket electronic-fan, radiator and or intercooler install
* Intake Manifold, exhaust manifold, Timing belt and or water pump install
* Complete engine seal replacement
* Engine bay pressure washed, painted and rust treated
* Excess items removed

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